What is Optimage Prime?

Optimage Prime is an exceptional micropractice integrating Family Practice, Functional Medicine, Nutritional therapy and Acupuncture to fully promote the health of clients who choose to control the quality of their health and "lifecare."
  • Optimage Prime is located on Mission Street on the west side of Santa Cruz, where Dr. Motyka has maintained her Functional Medicine and acupuncture practice for the last ten years.
  • Optimage Prime will enroll very limited number, from 150-200 patients, who will have unprecedented access to their doctor:
    • Access to secure electronic messaging with Dr. Motyka via the secure Elation Passport portal
    • Access to Dr. Motyka on her cell phone with medical questions, including after hours and on weekends.
    • Access to care via telephone visits and virtual video Skype visits when appropriate without having to make an office visit in person
  • Benefits for Optimage Prime Patients:
    • Optimage Prime patients can get medical records, including office notes and lab results, using the the secure portal message system.
    • Optimage Prime patients will have same or next business day access for all acute medical problems which may arise. You will never hear that the doctor is too busy to see you at Optimage Prime
    • An annual 2 hour “executive” physical with individualized nutritional assessment, body fat percentage assessment (BIA), heart rate variability measurement, lung age and pulmonary function and optional genetic risk consultations.
    • 10% discounts on aesthetic services and nutriceutical products, and 20% discount on acupuncture,
  • Dr. Motyka will follow you when you are admitted to Dominican Hospital and coordinate your care with various specialists.
  • Optimage Prime patients will pay an annual fee, billed in monthy increments, for the expanded access services.
  • All routine office visits are completely covered by the subscription fee. Your insurance is there for hospital visits, labs, and referrals to other doctors that are "in network."