Hypnosis-Assisted Personal Development

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Medical hypnosis is a powerful and significantly underused tool in modern medicine. In hypnosis, one is not asleep but instead is in a state of deep relaxation and focused concentration. This altered state allows the conscious will to control subconscious habits and reflexes in a way that is not possible under normal circumstances. In the hands of a qualified practitioner, hypnosis can be a valuable tool assisting a person with self-transformation.


Hypnosis can assist in changing eating patterns and extinguishing old bad habits. Hypnosis can help with cravings and can help the individual who eats for reasons other than hunger.

In combination with state-of-the-art weight loss drugs (when clinically appropriate) a synergistic combination can be achieved which not only helps the person achieve their desired weight, but maintain that weight loss over the long term.


Drugs are available to assist in the cessation of smoking. They are very helpful with nicotine withdrawal, and the cravings associated with cigarettes. When used in combination with hypnosis, they become even more powerful. In individuals who do not tolerate or do not wish pharmacological intervention, but who are committed to quitting smoking, hypnosis therapy can make an enormous difference in their success.


Because hypnosis is a state of relaxation, it can be extremely effective in reducing overall stress levels. The hypnosis program we offer teaches the individual to achieve and maintain a state of deep relaxation on a regular basis. This relaxation acts like an immunization against stressful events as they occur during the day. In addition, problems such as insomnia, excessive anger, excessive awareness of time and deadlines can all be addressed.