Why Optimage Prime?

Dawn Motyka

“Now at last I can use ALL the tools at my disposal to address your health and wellness issues!”

Dr. Dawn Motyka


Dear Friends:

In order to start a new primary care practice, Optimage Prime, I have taken the radical step of leaving my 22-year practice in Scotts Valley to follow my heart.

We all know that the practice of medicine, especially primary care medicine, has become distorted in recent years by rules, regulations, prior authorizations and administrative duties that are simply not a part of the true calling of patient care.  Many doctors find they are spending more time on administration than on patient care.  Patients are frustrated by rushed office visits with no time to discuss their true concerns.  There comes a time when you just have to stand up for what you believe in and be the change you seek. I have reached that crossroads.  Perhaps you have as well.

There is so much more I want to do for my patients than can be managed in conventional primary care practice.  I know there is a better way to practice medicine.  This integrative path collaborates with the patient as a partner in setting goals for true prevention of disease using the tools of both modern science and ancient wisdom.   I have been  training for years in Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine and  my vision is for my patients to teach me how best to apply these principles to their specific needs.

The first thing you will notice when you visit my Optimage Prime practice on Mission street is how much calmer and more healing the atmosphere is there than other medical practices.  The second thing will be how much time you have for your medical visits, a minimum of 1/2 hour and more if you tell us you need it.  Our complete physicals take 2 hours and include extensive nutritional assessment and counseling.  We hold ourselves to the standard of providing same day or next day visits on demand for Optimage Prime patients, and we run on time.  Because at Optimage I work for you and not for your insurance company, I can be the healer and the physician I was meant to be. Here I can be calm, centered and free of interruptions. Here my patient is the only thing I need to concentrate on.

I have learned to blend conventional medicine techniques with integrative techniques and take the best of both worlds. The practice of medicine is not just about drugs and diagnosis and following algorithms. It is about prevention and anticipating problems before they get rolling. It’s about working with the body and the mind to maximize healthy functional lifespan. It’s about identifying the set of vulnerabilities uniquely innate to that person and coming up with a personalized action plan to minimize risk. The tools to do this exist today but only a very few doctors seem able to deploy them. I want to be one in that number, as the old song says. I sincerely invite you to join me in that journey.

I urge you to take a few minutes to consider joining Optimage Prime. I will only be enrolling a very limited number of patients in Optimage Prime. I will still take Medicare patients, but Optimage Prime members will also pay an affordable retainer fee that supports a host of added services, including a fully secure on-line portal that allows you to do things like accessing your lab results with my comments, email questions to me safely or make requests for refills and appointments. For my less computer-oriented patients, there’s the comfort of being able to reach your doctor on the phone and the knowledge that you really will get in to see your doctor tomorrow if you need an appointment. The expanded access that your retainer supports goes beyond anything I have been able to offer at my previous family practice and that’s really just the beginning. Those who are interested can opt for a really comprehensive annual exam that targets disease prevention instead of the current focus on just early diagnosis of chronic disease. At Optimage Prime, we are going to give a new meaning to the phrase “Personalized Health care.” I hope you will join me.

Stay Healthy!
Dr. Dawn Motyka